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Wishlist #1: Christmas Luxury Edition

Quizás esta entrada sea un poco anticipada. Pero no voy a engañarles... Navidad siempre ha sido mi fiesta favorita del año, y desde que puedo, saco todo mi espíritu navideño hacia afuera. Este año, en mi blog. Me gustaría hacer varios posts de Guías para regalar para estas fiestas. En primer lugar, les dejo mi wishlist personal. Pero claro, esta es la edición luxury. Todos los productos de la imagen anterior cuestan más de 50 €... Una puede soñar, ¿no?

1. Estas botas de Asos (58,99€) se las vi a la blogger y YouTuber Sammantha Maria (antes conocida como TheBeautyCrush) en este post de aquí. Al principio no me gustaron, principalmente porque yo soy bastante bajita, y no creo que a mi personalmente me queden bien esas botas tan altas... ¡Parecería el gato con botas! Pero después de ver el post varias veces, me encantaron. Es un toque de color muy sutil a cualquier outfit de otoño.

2. Hace dos años me regalaron un e-Reader de la marca del Corte Inglés, y me fue muy bien hasta que este verano no quiso funcionar más, y me ha roto el corazón. Había cogido otra vez un ritmo muy bueno de lectura y he tenido que dejarlo hasta que me lo arreglen o consiga uno nuevo. Es por eso que el Kindle de Amazon (79,99€) está en mi lista, ya que dicen que es de los mejores del mercado y realmente, no está tan mal de precio.

3. Llevo con las mismas gafas de sol desde hace 7 años, y creo que es hora de renovarse o morir. No me gustan mucho las gafas de tiendas que no se especializan en el cuidado de los ojos (es decir, cualquier tienda de ropa). Me gusta protegerme de todo cuanto pueda. Las gafas de sol Erika de Rayban (109€) son mi elección para cambiar mis clásicas Wayfarer, y que pesan bastante, por las delicadas y ligeras Erika.

4.  Llevaba mucho tiempo viendo online a todas las bloggers y YouTubers hablando maravillas sobre los perfumes y velas de Jo Malone. Desgraciadamente, donde vivo ni siquiera conocen esta marca. Por eso, cuando fui a Madrid, no me perdí la oportunidad de ir a la boutique y oler unas cuantas esencias. Mi favorito, entre otros, fue el perfume Jo Malone en Oud & Bergamot (120€).

5. Esto puede parecer una cosa absolutamente innecesaria y derrochadora por mi parte. De cualquier modo, esto es solo una lista de sueños que tiene una servidora. Este calendario de adviento de Charlotte Tillbury (195€) es lo que cualquier loca del maquillaje desea. ¡Ojo! No he probado nada de esta marca, principalmente porque aquí no se comercializa, pero si tanta gente opina de la misma manera será por algo ¿no?

6. Solo hay que mirarlo. Este vestido de Asos (98,99€) es perfecto para un cóctel o una fiesta elegante. El detalle de la tela semi transparente y los bordados con lentejuelas hacen de esta mi elección final como vestido del año.

7. No soy muy fan de los relojes, empecé a llevar reloj hace dos años. Pero es que los relojes Daniel Wellington (159€) son tan elegantes que son un accesorio más. Sé que de la lista, esto es probablemente lo que me compre antes. ¡Llevo esperando mi momento durante meses!

¿Qué regalos de alta gama les encantaría a ustedes?

/ Maybe this post is quite anticipated. But I'm not gonna lie... Christmas has always been my favourite holiday ever, and as soon as I can, I bring out my Christmas Spirit. This year, on my blog. I would like to do some Christmas Gift Guides posts. This first one is my personal wishlist for this year. As you can see, this is the Luxury Edition. Every product above is 50€ or more, but one can dream, huh?

1. I saw these Asos Boots (58,99€) on this post from the British blogger and YouTuber Sammantha Maria (former TheBeautyCrush). I wasn't keen on them at first because I'm quite short and I wouldn't see myself wearing such high-kneed boots - I would look like the Puss in Boots! But after seeing the posts several times, I finally loved them. They make such a subtle touch of colour to any autumn outfit.

2. Two years ago I received an ebook for Christmas from a local store (el Corte Inglés), and it was pretty good until it decided to stop working this summer. This has broken my heart! I was on the reading-road again, and I have had to stop it until it gets fixed or I get a new one. That is why this Kindle from Amazon (79,99€) is on my list. It is set as one of the bests nowadays, and it is not very very expensive.

3.  I have worn the same sunglasses for 7 years now, and I think it's time to get some new ones. I'm not very keen on shops which are not experts on eye care - like every other clothing shops. I like to be protected as much as I can. These Erika de Rayban Sunglasses (109€) are my pick to change my classic heavy Wayfarer - also from RayBan, for these delicate light Erika.

4. YouTubers and bloggers have been raving about Jo Malone's perfumes and candles. Sadly, this brand is barely known. That's why when I went to Madrid I did not miss the chance to go to the store and sniff some of them. My favourite is Jo Malone - Oud & Bergamot Cologne (120€), among others.

5. This might seem an absolutely unnecessary item to have - and splurgy too. However, this is only a dreamed wish list of mine. This Charlotte Tillbury Advent Calendar(195€) is what any make-up lover would die to have. Keep on mind that I haven't even try anything from this brand, firstly because I can't get it where I live. But, if every one thinks the same about these products, that means something, right?

6.  Just have a look at it. This Asos Dress (98,99 €) is perfect for some fancy cocktails or smart parties. The see-through fabric and embraced sequins details make this dress the winner of The Dress Of The Year.

7. I have never been a watch lover - I started to wear watches not too long ago. But  Daniel Wellington Watches (159€) are incredibly smart. They are just another accessory on the outfit. I know for sure this will be what I purchase from this list. I have been waiting months for a good deal!

Which luxury gift would you love?

Cassie F


5 Things to do in October

It's here. October is finally here. After a long summer - which has not quite finished yet in Gran Canaria - a new month starts, and some changes need to be done!

Here is my list of to-do's for October:

1. ROOM MAKEOVER. I'm working on this and I'm so excited! I'm having my vacation period this month and I'm 100% on this. I will be posting my little makeover here, just in case you want to see how my room is changing. Keep an eye on the blog!

2. GYM AGAIN. This is starting to be serious. The fact of not eating at home everyday plus my work, which consists on a eight-straight-hour-period sitting in front of a computer is not doing well to my health, both mental and body wise. This needs to end, so I will be joining my gym again this month, and I will try and do this month blogilates' calendar as a challenge. Hopefully, we will see some results!

3. QUICK HOLIDAYS. As much as this doesn't help with the previous statement, I would really love to have a little scape on this vacation period - once it's over, I will be working everyday again! Maybe two days in Tenerife, with its mandatory Nars counter visit, and maybe a few days in Madrid - and another mandatory Lush store spree!

4. KEEP READING. I have been such a bookworm this summer. I started reading on march, I believe, and been reading one book after the other nonstop. However, my eReader just broke and I am so pissed! I am considering on buying a Kindle on Amazon, since everybody seems to love that, and not have problems with that. Is it worth the money? Which one should I buy? 

5. YOUTUBE. I don't know if you knew that, but I (re)started my YouTube channel a month ago, and I have been posting as regularly as I have been able to. I am trying so hard to do that, because I really enjoy it, and I will try and make videos weekly. Don't miss that!

What are your plans for October?

(Images in order of appearance via here, here)


Weekends by the sea.

Hello gorgeous!

Sorry for not posting every week as I would like to, but I am on the final weeks of my Master studies - doing the final project and stuff. I will try and keep going with the blog as soon as I can - promise!

Along with my studies, I can say that I was lucky enough to get a job last month. Yay me! So, I'm working part-time in the South of the island, the most touristic area of Gran Canaria. That means on weekends I'm staying there with Jose, and we're able to spend some time together in the evenings, taking walks on the beach, or going out for dinner. 

Here you have some of the pictures he took of me last week.

Top: H&M
Shorts: ASOS (similar here)

Ps: this is my song of the day, enjoy it!

 Until next time! 


Gran Canaria: Mogán

If you have never been to Gran Canaria, you should. But, for sure, you should go to the south part of the island. You will fall in love instantly.

This Friday I went to Puerto de Mogán a really nice coast-settled village - where I actually have never been before -, and as you can see in the pictures above, it's a gorgeous place. It's called commonly like "Little Venice" because of the canals of water there are over there. The village is plenty of nice places to have lunch in front of the seaside, a little beach, so many shops, and a lot of apartments to have that kind of holiday. Also, if you are looking for a more relaxed kind of vacation, there is a wonderful hotel pretty close to the beach.

So, I totally recommend to come and visit that part of the island.


Sunday Update: Breakfast on the bed

    (On Saturday morning I was lucky enough to wake up next to this wonderful breakfast)

Good morning, loves!

Sorry about my missing days, but I have been super busy. This post-graduate life of mine is getting me nuts. Luckily, my afternoon lessons will end next Thursday, and I really cannot wait for that! Obviously, that means the start of the real thing - going to a real school, in front of real learners and prove that actually you can do it.

On a different topic, I am waiting for my camera charger to appear - meaning that I have to find my time to go and buy it, so that I will start doing my youtube channel. Really excited about that too *nice giggle of excitement*. As well, yesterday I applied for some summer jobs abroad, which I am really willing for. And, lastly on the job horizon, I will have to wait until April, the 7th, for that accepted word to appear on my internship *fingers crossed*.

These last weeks I have been listening to Ariana Grande's One Last Time, and Fifth Harmony's Sledgehammer. Really loving these two songs at the moment.

I still want this to work out, so please keep updated. I promise I will try and post more regularly.

Cassie xx


The Film-Lover Corner: Musical Films (I)

My top 5 1900s-musical films.

I have to admit one of my passions is to watch films and movies. I can't help it - they let my imagination fly. This morning I was listening to the music which came up of my phone and I thought 'why shouldn't I share what I like?'. So, I started to do a list of my favourite films which was not very easy, I have to say. One of my all-time problems is that I love so many things that it is so difficult to me to pick just one favourite, or restrict my favourite things jus to a limited number. So, I tried my best and beginning with only 5, my list grew up to 10. But don't worry, I split it up in two parts. Today here you have my top 5 XX century musical films. Enjoy!


New In: Benefit.

Good morning, ladies!

Yesterday I decided to get off my bed and go shopping instead. We have to take advantage of the sales before there's nothing left for me to buy! I picked up some Levi's that I was wanting for ages - the colour is not my favourite, though. I also picked up some bits and bobs of make-up that I have been wanting for so long, and at last I got it.
Benefit it's a well-known brand, both for its packaging - which is gorgeous! - and their quality. I have never owned anything from Benefit myself, but some of my friends have. 

In other countries, like the UK or the States, Benefit is quite more affordable than here in Spain (if we take into account the different values of the EUR and USD or GBP), so that I had never bought anything from there before. However, yesterday I found that this pack was on sale, so I decided to get it, and now I'm so happy.

The pack contained a Bene-tint (33€), a sample-size of their Pore-Fessional (full-size 33€), the They're Real Mascara (25€), and a sample-size of one of their fragrances, Laugh with me LeeLee (full-size 37€).

I'm very excited to use them all! 
Have you ever used these products? Leave me a comment and let me know!
Cassie xx



Good morning, beautiful people!

I hope you all had a very nice night! I'm not too keen on the celebration of this night, as I have always thought that December, 31st is just a day before January, 1st. Howeve

r, I tried my best and dressed up and put my make up on for this night, to be with my family.

I hope you all have a better 2015!
Cassie F.
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