I love this place... but it's haunted without you.

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I'm out of time and pics!
I promise to post some new photos soon.
Have a nice weekend!



"Oh, gosh! I haven't seen you for ages!" - I said. I know I could have said something better, but I must admit that I couldn't find any other words to talk to him. I had no words for him
"Woah! You look so pretty today! It's nice to see you" - he said. I was so nervous. He was talking to me. He hadn't spoken to me since 4 months ago. - "By the way, do you want us to go outside? Here it's too hot and maybe we could go for a walk and talk about our lives without all this noise..."
F*CK! That's how I started to fall into his trap...
"Sure! Let's go outside" - I said.


I know I had to ask him if he loves me, but why? 
Everybody knows that if I ask him that, he will always say whatever I want to hear, even if it's true, even if it's not. I'll never know if he loved me once or if he never did at all.

Do you really love me or actually do you not? I know you told me once, but -honestly- I forgot.

Have a nice week  
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