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Gran Canaria: Mogán

If you have never been to Gran Canaria, you should. But, for sure, you should go to the south part of the island. You will fall in love instantly.

This Friday I went to Puerto de Mogán a really nice coast-settled village - where I actually have never been before -, and as you can see in the pictures above, it's a gorgeous place. It's called commonly like "Little Venice" because of the canals of water there are over there. The village is plenty of nice places to have lunch in front of the seaside, a little beach, so many shops, and a lot of apartments to have that kind of holiday. Also, if you are looking for a more relaxed kind of vacation, there is a wonderful hotel pretty close to the beach.

So, I totally recommend to come and visit that part of the island.


Sunday Update: Breakfast on the bed

    (On Saturday morning I was lucky enough to wake up next to this wonderful breakfast)

Good morning, loves!

Sorry about my missing days, but I have been super busy. This post-graduate life of mine is getting me nuts. Luckily, my afternoon lessons will end next Thursday, and I really cannot wait for that! Obviously, that means the start of the real thing - going to a real school, in front of real learners and prove that actually you can do it.

On a different topic, I am waiting for my camera charger to appear - meaning that I have to find my time to go and buy it, so that I will start doing my youtube channel. Really excited about that too *nice giggle of excitement*. As well, yesterday I applied for some summer jobs abroad, which I am really willing for. And, lastly on the job horizon, I will have to wait until April, the 7th, for that accepted word to appear on my internship *fingers crossed*.

These last weeks I have been listening to Ariana Grande's One Last Time, and Fifth Harmony's Sledgehammer. Really loving these two songs at the moment.

I still want this to work out, so please keep updated. I promise I will try and post more regularly.

Cassie xx

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