I love this place... but it's haunted without you.

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Weekends by the sea.

Hello gorgeous!

Sorry for not posting every week as I would like to, but I am on the final weeks of my Master studies - doing the final project and stuff. I will try and keep going with the blog as soon as I can - promise!

Along with my studies, I can say that I was lucky enough to get a job last month. Yay me! So, I'm working part-time in the South of the island, the most touristic area of Gran Canaria. That means on weekends I'm staying there with Jose, and we're able to spend some time together in the evenings, taking walks on the beach, or going out for dinner. 

Here you have some of the pictures he took of me last week.

Top: H&M
Shorts: ASOS (similar here)

Ps: this is my song of the day, enjoy it!

 Until next time! 
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