I love this place... but it's haunted without you.

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You appeared, Lulú, in my darkest moment. When I had no one.

My oldest and dearest friend. I had almost forget you, Lulú - with your dark brown eyes, and your beautiful smile. 

How long haven't we seen each other, Lulú? Weeks, months... Years. Two decades, indeed. Why have we done this, Lulú? We did we destroyed us?

I don't know how your face are anymore, nor your voice. Nor your laughter. Nor you. Why, Lulú? Why do you come right now?

At least, your presence is making me a little stronger in this horrible times, Lulú. I have none by my side. I'm falling down, Lulú. I'm thankful for your stay, for your light.

It is a pity, Lulú, that you only talk to me at night, when I am not able to speak. When I am not responsible on my thoughts. When I am not alive.

I can not touch you. 

I just can see you - your spectrum, your memory.

I am expecting my recovery.


About tuna and WhatsApp

After being fooling around with some douches, I don't really know what a girl is supposed to do when in a relationship. Moreover, in this actual times. I mean, this new-fucking-technological-era, which only screws us over and over and over. Jesus Christ. I'm fucking tired of reading everywhere 'how bad those free-text apps have done to our lives'. I know it. You, reader, know it. My granny knows it. Please, stop repeating it, because it blows my fucking mind off. I would really appreciate people would stop complaining about this shit. Want to know the answer? Go fucking outside. Just talk with real people and keep your hands away from your stupid phone more than 24 hours. Geez, not that hard, for God's sake.

However, if you are like me, and you are still suffering of this new-fucking-technological-era-disease - because there is no other option, actually -, welcome. And here I leave my one and only concern about this whole thing. Speaking specifically of the WhatsApp-thing. Keep looking.

What THE HELL is wrong with all those people who HAVE read your message? And no. I am NOT supposing they had read it just because of the effing 'double check'. No, my pals. I mean when you are such a stalker - like myself - and you are staring at your phone screen, reading last seen today at 21:00 pm, when it is 22:34 pm already. But when you are about to lock that screen, then that happens...


God bless that fucking word... or not.

Then last seen today at 22:35 pm. Wait, WHAAAAAAAAAAAA?

And that's the reason because I have wrinkles on my face.

What the hell is wrong with those people? Seriously. Dafuq?

9 out of 10 of those cases, I would rather hit that heartless human with a dog-sized tuna on the face, like three or four times, or wake that person up with a fucking 100-member band at 5 am singing Friday, by Rebecca Black, while getting him wet with really fucking cold water.

Not killing him, obviously. Not a psycho right here.

But, yeah, dafuq maaaaan?

The problem gets bigger when this fucking human is your boyfriend. Why does he want to do this to you? He really thinks you're stupid, and that you can't read the hour? If my last text was sent on 21.00 and your last connection was on 21.05 and you didn't reply me... Mr, you are in a big trouble.

Of course, you can't tell him that this is bothering you. Like, a lot. Because you have just started being together. Like, a month. You don't want to ruin it. But you shouldn't lie... should you?

Anyway. I truly believe that the best answer is the fucking tuna. On his face. Right now.

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