I love this place... but it's haunted without you.

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You appeared, Lulú, in my darkest moment. When I had no one.

My oldest and dearest friend. I had almost forget you, Lulú - with your dark brown eyes, and your beautiful smile. 

How long haven't we seen each other, Lulú? Weeks, months... Years. Two decades, indeed. Why have we done this, Lulú? We did we destroyed us?

I don't know how your face are anymore, nor your voice. Nor your laughter. Nor you. Why, Lulú? Why do you come right now?

At least, your presence is making me a little stronger in this horrible times, Lulú. I have none by my side. I'm falling down, Lulú. I'm thankful for your stay, for your light.

It is a pity, Lulú, that you only talk to me at night, when I am not able to speak. When I am not responsible on my thoughts. When I am not alive.

I can not touch you. 

I just can see you - your spectrum, your memory.

I am expecting my recovery.

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