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Sunday Update: Breakfast on the bed

    (On Saturday morning I was lucky enough to wake up next to this wonderful breakfast)

Good morning, loves!

Sorry about my missing days, but I have been super busy. This post-graduate life of mine is getting me nuts. Luckily, my afternoon lessons will end next Thursday, and I really cannot wait for that! Obviously, that means the start of the real thing - going to a real school, in front of real learners and prove that actually you can do it.

On a different topic, I am waiting for my camera charger to appear - meaning that I have to find my time to go and buy it, so that I will start doing my youtube channel. Really excited about that too *nice giggle of excitement*. As well, yesterday I applied for some summer jobs abroad, which I am really willing for. And, lastly on the job horizon, I will have to wait until April, the 7th, for that accepted word to appear on my internship *fingers crossed*.

These last weeks I have been listening to Ariana Grande's One Last Time, and Fifth Harmony's Sledgehammer. Really loving these two songs at the moment.

I still want this to work out, so please keep updated. I promise I will try and post more regularly.

Cassie xx

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