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The Film-Lover Corner: Musical Films (I)

My top 5 1900s-musical films.

I have to admit one of my passions is to watch films and movies. I can't help it - they let my imagination fly. This morning I was listening to the music which came up of my phone and I thought 'why shouldn't I share what I like?'. So, I started to do a list of my favourite films which was not very easy, I have to say. One of my all-time problems is that I love so many things that it is so difficult to me to pick just one favourite, or restrict my favourite things jus to a limited number. So, I tried my best and beginning with only 5, my list grew up to 10. But don't worry, I split it up in two parts. Today here you have my top 5 XX century musical films. Enjoy!

The Wizard of Oz (1939)
Somewhere over the rainbow is a well-known song, but I’m not really sure if it is as well-known where did it come from. I used to watch this movie – among others – with my mum, so many times over the year, because she really liked it and encouraged me to watch it too. I really love the contrast of the average world in black and white and the wonderful world on bright colours. Of course, Judy Garland’s incredible voice is undeniable on this performance. Without doubts, one of those films I will never get tired of. I really love If I only had a heart by Jack Haley (Tin Man). Moreover, I dressed up as Dorothy once for Carnival!

My Fair Lady (1964)
Of course, my mum did show me this film as well – she was so much into the oldies films. The scenery, the costumes design, the songs, the story and of course, the great performance of Audrey Hepburn make this film so easy to watch and very entertaining. In my case, it must be said that I have watched this on both original and dubbed version – as I live in Spain, all the dialogs and songs where dubbed into Spanish – and I quite like both of them. Show me, I could have danced all night and Why can’t the English are my most favourite songs on the film.

Hello, Dolly! (1969)
My mum was a huge fan of Barbra Streisand – who was not! And this was one of her favourite films of her. Dolly Levi was in a way very similar to my mum, I have to admit. Probably that’s why she liked this film so much. All the different stories linked one to another and how Dolly makes it all seem that easy for her is what caught you. The presence of Louis Armstrong is also a bonus. Hello, Dolly!, Put on your Sunday clothes and It only takes a moment are magnificent pieces of music that I will never get tired of. Many people will recognize two of these titles because of the animated film Wall-E and its love for Hello, Dolly!

Grease (1978)
Uh-oh. What a classic. This film is a MUST in every teenager life. Where I live, this film is on TV on June, because it is when school’s over and it really put the audience on situation – SUMMER! It is not necessary to say how GORGEOUS John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John look on this film, everyone can see it. However, one of my favourite characters will be always be Rizzo. With that sassy attitude, she shows how it is not always easy to be strong, and even stronger people are sometimes weak. Of course, There are worse things I could do is one of my all-time favourite songs of the films, but it is really difficult to choose just one or two songs among them. They’re great!

Victor/Victoria (1982)Oh my God. Can we just take a moment to say how incredible Julie Andrews was on this film? Not only her singing, which has always been terrific, but her acting was brilliant, and still looking absolute gorgeous. If you like musical films and jazz music, I strongly recommend you to watch this film if you haven’t already – really funny and entertaining! My favourite songs are You and Me and The Shady Dame of Seville, which has a very Spanish touch.

Which are your favourite musical films on the XX Century? Please, I would love to hear your recommendations!
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