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New In: Benefit.

Good morning, ladies!

Yesterday I decided to get off my bed and go shopping instead. We have to take advantage of the sales before there's nothing left for me to buy! I picked up some Levi's that I was wanting for ages - the colour is not my favourite, though. I also picked up some bits and bobs of make-up that I have been wanting for so long, and at last I got it.
Benefit it's a well-known brand, both for its packaging - which is gorgeous! - and their quality. I have never owned anything from Benefit myself, but some of my friends have. 

In other countries, like the UK or the States, Benefit is quite more affordable than here in Spain (if we take into account the different values of the EUR and USD or GBP), so that I had never bought anything from there before. However, yesterday I found that this pack was on sale, so I decided to get it, and now I'm so happy.

The pack contained a Bene-tint (33€), a sample-size of their Pore-Fessional (full-size 33€), the They're Real Mascara (25€), and a sample-size of one of their fragrances, Laugh with me LeeLee (full-size 37€).

I'm very excited to use them all! 
Have you ever used these products? Leave me a comment and let me know!
Cassie xx
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