I love this place... but it's haunted without you.

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We started to walk around, and found a park near there.
-Let's find a seat, and then we will talk more comfortably -he said. I couldn't stop looking his beautiful hazel eyes. I was trapped. It seemed I was hypnotized.
- Of course... whatever - I said, smiling.
We found a beautiful seat in the top of a field in that park, between a lot of sweet-smelling and colorful flowers. We sat down. I was kinda nervous, because I didn't know what he exactly wanted to know about me. Why did he want to meet me? And after all these time? I was looking around. I couldn't look him in the eyes! I would fell in love again

Again? For goodness' sake! Whom was I trying to deceive? I was already in love with him.

- Is anything wrong?- He asked, breaking my thoughts. I'd spent almost five minutes looking down, thinking if I should ask him the question. Yes, I should. Actually, I must. Yes, so I - I'd do it!
-Oh, no. Everything's fine!- I smiled. Shit! And then, my mind began to send me instructions -By the way...- "ask him"- I was just wondering... - "Damn, ask him" - er... you know... -"holly shit, is not that difficult, you know?"- ... - I shut up.
-Are you ok? - he asked puzzled. Oh my gosh he was so cute.
-Yup, seriously! Er, how are you going in college? Do you like it? - Crap. I screwed it up. 
He laughed and looked at me fondly. He looked at me as if I were mad, but fondly after all. He touched my cheek with her warm hand. He took a look to his watch and said:
-Jesus! It's so late! I'm really sorry but I have to go!
-Oh, yeah. Doesn't matter!
-I'll meet you next week, promise! Sorry. - he kissed me in my cheek. - See you!

Alone again... Naturally.
So there I was. Sitting down at the park. Lonely. I picked a margaret. I started to pull its petals off. 
Yes... No... Yup...Nope...
Looked up.
There was he.

Hope you like that pics with my friend Stephanie, nice week!

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Fashion Cappuccino said...

What a cute post!! You have really beautiful, long eye lashes!! xoxoxoo

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