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Bones of the fish.

There was a little girl who loved eating fish all day. Fish for breakfast. Fish for dinner. Fish for lunch. Maybe her parents were really odd and kept giving it to her in order to make her smarter. Or maybe her father were a fisherman and that were the only food that he could bring to his house... I can't decide that bit... Well, doesn't matter. She only ate fish. Her parents used to looking for carefully all the bones of the fish. They always took off everyone of it, but they always forgot one of them, and it always was in her plate. Maybe her mother left it there on purpose because she was jealous of her beauty... Nevermind. The case is that, if she didn't eat fish, she'll die and her parents were gonna die soon too because they had something wrong with them like their blood was blue or something like that. 
Luckily, because of eating so much fish - or that said her parents - she was intelligent, and she always noticed each bone on each meal. 
One day, she was a little bit upset, because of her life. She had problems with friends, guys, girls, college ...
She was daydreaming.
 It was lunch time.
 She ate fish.
 There was one bone.
 She ate it. 
She died.

Be careful with your acts.

New pics soon, promise! :) Have a nice weekend, I'll be sleeping :)

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