I love this place... but it's haunted without you.

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Doesn't matter

It doesn't matter how many times you try to destroy me.
It doesn't matter how cruel you are, or how you would hurt me.
It doesn't really matter how many times I've fallen down or how many mistakes I've made. It doesn't matter the way you thought yesterday, because it'll be different tomorrow.

What it does matter is the way the words you said could made me feel that way, and how you said them heartless. And how you didn't care if they hurt me or not. And how you come back to me as if anything is wrong. 
Maybe you're the last one here who knows this, but I've change my mind. You had an opportunity. 

And you lost it.

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Gaby de Modacapital said...

No sé como llegue a tu blog, pero me alegra porque me ha gustado mucho, ya te sigo!! :D
... te invito a que te pases a conocer mi blog tambien, espero que te guste jeje ;)
besos desde México Df!

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