I love this place... but it's haunted without you.

thanks for reading and following :)


Hi lovely readers :) My Nikon is officially dead... too bad!! That's the reason because I haven't been here so much. It's possible that next week I'll get another one, so I'll try to upload new pics and stories :) 
Have a nice week.



Natalie Charlotte Turner said...

Ugh, that happened to me not long ago, I had to by a new one!

paulav said...

que bonitas son las fotografías de tu blog :)

Tamilyn said...

Oh gosh, I hate it when that happens! But can't wait till you get another one, so I can see all of your wonderful photos! :) Take care.

xoxo Tami at tamijam.blogpspot.com

Bad Hands said...

so so kind!!!

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