I love this place... but it's haunted without you.

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Like everyone / Como todos los demás

Everything reminds me of him. It's not like I don't want to forget get him over, which I should do... but, it's not that easy. Living here. Every Friday, at the same time as ever, I keep looking through the window, waiting for him to pick me up and go out. I remember him with the streets we used to walk through, with the songs we used to sing, with every sunny day, with his graffitis, with the places we used to go, when I see guys doing skating stuff, when I get back home by bus. More than 365 days. More than 365 different moments. Each one are in my mind, written with permanent ink. I was plenty and completely happy. Even though I get over the limits of my happiness. And, now that my mind and my soul know that I can do it for being happy, they have achieved doing it for being sad, getting over the limits of my pain.
At first I thought that I was great and I could reach it alone. But then, I realized how empty I was, and I couldn't refill myself. Looking at a picture of him were immediate tears. Walking my way for going home meant finding all those grafittis that he made for me, and that made me cry. He would never tell me again he loved me. He would never comfort me again when I were sad. He would never make me laugh again in our way. Anyway, I'm not more than a forgotten memory in the past. He doesn't feel anything when he looks at me. I'm just a person that has passed through his life. No more or less important that anyone. I'm just like everyone.

Para la traducción...

Todo me recuerda a él. No es que no quiera olvidarle superarlo, que es lo que debería hacer... pero, no es tan fácil. Viviendo aquí. Cada viernes a la hora de siempre sigo mirando por la ventana, esperando que venga a buscarme como siempre. Le recuerdo con las calles, con las canciones, con los días de sol, con los graffittis, con los lugares que frecuentábamos, cuando veo a chicos hacer skate, cuando vuelvo a mi casa en el bus. Más de 365 días, más de 365 momentos diferentes. Todos ellos están en mi memoria, grabados con tinta permanente. Fui completa y plenamente feliz. Incluso superé los límites de mi felicidad. Ahora que mi mente y mi alma saben que puedo hacerlo para bien, han logrado hacerlo para mal, superando los límites de mi tristeza.
Al principio yo también pensé que estaba genial y que podía sola. Pero entonces, me di cuenta de cuánto vacío había en mi, y que no podía rellenarlo con nada. Que ver una foto suya eran lágrimas instantáneas. Que ir caminando por mi casa era encontrarme su graffitti y comenzar a llorar. Que nunca más me diría que me quería. Que no me volvería a consolar cuando estuviera triste. Que nunca más me haría reír.
Y sin embargo, yo no soy más que un recuerdo olvidado en el pasado. Que no siente nada cuando me ve.
Soy solo una persona más que ha pasado por su vida. Ni más ni menos importante.
Igual que todos los demás.


Tami said...

Hey, everyone goes through break-ups, right? Always think about the great things you guys had together and never the bad. If the break-up made you feel upset, it only meant that he was a great guy and that you guys had spectacular times. Therefore, don't feel empty and crushed. Instead, thank him for how he has impacted and influenced you to become the strong and beautiful woman you are TODAY. And remember, NOTHING can stop someone from losing hope and happiness completely. Look on to what you still have now, such as a great family, friends, YOURSELF, and even the little things in life, like the beautiful sun and skys that wake you up each morning. :) I wish I've helped you in some way, I hope you cheer up soon!

xoxo Tami at tamijam.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Hola, acabo de abrir este espacio,me ha encantado tus fotos, ke estes bien wapa :)

ArienBellsh said...

xDD se kedo en anonimo, soy arienbellsh.blogspot

bels said...

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Onyxay said...

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Eva said...

Absolutely great!
Me encanta tu blog, además es un gran detalle lo de escribirlo bien. La vida es así, te da mucho por culo hasta que por fin encuentras estabilidad, a todos nos pasa.
Live every moment and don't look back
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Un besito

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