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Wait for what?

Wait. What is it for? Is it necessary?
Why does everybody wait for something? Is it something innate?
I remember when I was a child... I used to wait for Christmas, for the big day when I'd wake up and see all the presents underneath my Christmas tree. And that was a good reason for waiting.
Some years later, I used to wait for those days which were completely awful. Those days when I had an exam and I hadn't studied. Those days when I waited extremely impatient for the bell to ring just letting our summer holidays start.

But now, I've grown up. I can't wait for anything. If I wait for something, I know it's not going to happen. For sure. I've taught myself not to wait for anything. I can't wait for anything. I can't wait for anybody. I can't wait for me. I must keep going.

I must confess something... I still wait for something sometimes. When I come back home, before I get into the elevator, I still look to the stairs... Hoping he's sitting there. Waiting for me. Just to say he still loves me. To get back together. But I know that's not going to happen. Ever.

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Lady Madrid said...

bella cual amapola :) ahjahahha

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